8 times in life when we need the help of a psychologist


In times past it was thought that going to the psychologist was akin to being crazy. It is now a bit more standardized, however the question still exists for most people: when is it relevant to seek professional help from a psychologist?Below, I will share a few situations that merit seeking professional help:


Strong events happen in life that are difficult for us to assimilate. They cause an intense emotional blow and even destroy all beliefs, certainties. For example, the unexpected death of a loved one, an assault, a move, a separation, an earthquake.

They tend to generate so much pain, so many questions, so many emotions mixed with each other, that there is a breaking point that does not allow them to continue working as before.

For example, who cannot go out to work for fear of being assaulted again.In this type of situation, professional accompaniment is necessary to help look at all the personal resources to be able to move on with life.


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